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Volumetric water display

A voulumetric display you can touch


Usual displays use a planar light source field that can be seen by the users in front of it. This technology, together with shutther or polarized glasses has been used to create stereoscopic 3D graphics. However, convergency problems may appear as the contents displayed may pop out of the display, while they are actually being rendered on its surface. Also, creating multiuser displays -where each user gets a different perspective of the contents based on his location- is not possible.

Volumetric displays, on the other hand,do not cause convergence problems and are inherently collaborative. These displays use a volume of light source fields to create 3D contents, so the contents and the place where they are displayed are the same. However, these displays usually involve spinning mechanical parts or even plasma rays, and are usually enclosed in a dome. As a result, users can see the contents, but they cannot touch or interact with them. 

The current project explores the possibility of creating a volumetric display using water drop as difusers, creating a volumetric display that allows anbd encourages users to pop their fingers in to interact with the contents.