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The University of Local Knowledge


The University of Local Knowledge (ULK) explores, uncovers and celebrates the skills, talents and expertise in the Knowle West and surrounding localities, and makes them available to share and combine. It aims to challenge perceptions of how knowledge is gained, used and valued. The project was conceived and produced by Knowle West Media Centre, the community, artist Suzanne Lacy (known internationally for her installations, video, and large-scale performances on social themes and urban issues) and project partners the University of BristolThe ArnolfiniBristol City Council (Art in the Public Realm)the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagementthe Research Councils UK Digital EconomyUniversity of the West of England, and the BBC. We have acquired funding from the RCUK Digital Economy programme to work with the ULK partners utilising and developing digital systems to promote ULK as an interactive website, and a series of installations and related events. The ULK website provides an on-going tool for members of the community to make, organise and share “pieces” of knowledge. Members can add to the wealth of information already available on the site by uploading and sharing videos of their own knowledge and putting together their own playlist-like courses. In this way ULK aims to promote the value of experiential and non-book based learning and know-how alongside more traditional academic understandings of “knowledge”.