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Pet Sounds

This project explores how social media and mobile apps can be harnessed to create collaborative forms of musical composition.


This project explores how social media and mobile apps can be harnessed to create collaborative forms of musical composition. The core methodology of the project is to develop a mobile app, echo-snap, which will enable users to create a musical self-portrait or ‘musical selfie‘. The idea of a musical selfie raises important questions about how the self might be represented in sound, how people imagine themselves represented in sound, and what kinds of musical selfies people want to share with others (and why).
Further, the idea of a musical selfie invites the creation of new mobile music technologies that facilitate the taking and sharing of audio-based and audiovisual selfies. Finally, just as a photo selfie is shared across social media platforms, conceiving of sound composition in terms of musical selfies that can be shared online might suggest new approaches to creating music in social contexts. This might include collaborative compositions, whereby multiple users collectively generate “group musical selfies”, or else modify/alter/share each other’s musical selfies. The echo-snap project is lead by a team of researchers working across arts, humanities and computer sciences at Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Bristol, and the University of Oxford. The project is generously funded by the Arts & Humanities Council of the UK, via the Digital Transformations scheme.