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There are many situations wherein more than one person desires to interact with or gather information about a physical object without being able to directly touch the object. Such situations are common in museum setups, shop windows etc. Usually, if there is a digital interface for displaying information about the object, people are forced to take a turn-based approach to gain access to the digital information. While wearable AR solutions can be used, they do not allow a walk-up and play approach to the object (apart from requiring a standardized content delivery model).
Multi-User See-Through Augmented Reality Display (or MUSTARD) is aimed at delivering multi-view digital content that augments the physical objects while allowing the user to interact with the system without any hardware on person. Thus the key features of MUSTARD are:

  • Multi-view content delivery based on the physical position of the user in front of the display.
  • See-through display that augments the physical objects without affecting the visibility of the object.

Best Paper Honorable Mention MUSTARD received the 'Best Paper Honorable Mention' award at CHI 2012.