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Morphino: A Nature-Inspired Tool for the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces


The HCI community has a strong and growing interest in shape-changing interfaces (SCIs) that can offer dynamic affordance. In this context, there is an increasing need for HCI researchers and designers to form close relationships with disciplines such as robotics and material science in order to be able to truly harness the state-of-the-art in morphing technologies. To help these synergies arise, we present Morphino: a card-based toolkit to inspire shape-changing interface designs. Our cards bring together a collection of morphing mechanisms already established in the multidisciplinary literature and illustrate them through familiar examples from nature. We begin by detailing the design of the cards, based on a review of shapechange in nature; then, report on a series of design sessions conducted to demonstrate their usefulness in generating new ideas and in helping end-users gain a better understanding of the possibilities for shape-changing materials.