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Close The Door

Exploring Motivating Factors in Crowdsourcing to Support Pro-Environmental Community Activism


Community activist groups typically rely on core groups of highly motivated members. In our study we considered how crowdsourcing strategies can be used to supplement the activities of pro-environmental community activists, thus increasing the scalability of their campaigns. We focus on mobile data collection applications and strategies that can be used to engage casual participants in pro-environmental data collection. Specifically, we worked with Close The Door, a group aiming to reduce energy waste by encouraging shop owners to keep their doors closed during cold weather. Our study used both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the impact of different motivational factors and strategies, including both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The study compared and provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of two extrinsic motivation strategies, pointification - a subset of gamification - and financial incentives. Prior environmental interest is also assessed as an intrinsic motivation factor. In contrast to previous HCI on pro-environmental technology, much of which has focused on individual behaviour change, our work offers new insights and recommendations on the design of systems that target groups and communities. Publication Massung, E., Coyle, D., Kater, C., Jay, M. & Preist, C. (2012) Using Crowdsourcing to Support Pro-Environmental Community Activism. ACM CHI 2013, In print.