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1305, 2016

10 papers and 8 late breaking work accepted to CHI 2016

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Bristol Interaction Group will present 10 papers and 8 late breaking work at ACM CHI 2016.

The following are our 10 papers and notes

Investigating Text Legibility on Non-Rectangular Displays

medalUnderstanding and Mitigating the Effects of Device and Cloud Service Design Decisions on the Environmental Footprint of Digital Infrastructure

Tap the ShapeTones: Exploring the effects of crossmodal congruence in an audio-visual interface

EMPress: Practical Hand Gesture Classification with Wrist-Mounted EMG and Pressure Sensing

Office Social: Presentation Interactivity for Nearby Devices

GauntLev: A Wearable to Manipulate Free-floating Objects

Shared Language and the Design of Home Healthcare Technology

PathSync: Multi-User Gestural Interaction with Touchless Rhythmic Path Mimicry

PowerShake: Power Transfer Interactions for Mobile Devices The

Tyranny of the Everyday in Mobile Video Messaging

2904, 2016

Running out of smartphone battery could be a thing of the past, thanks to power sharing between devices.

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We are pleased to announce The Economist has published an article on a paper by BIG researchers Paul Worgan, Jarrod Knibbe, Diego Martinez Plasencia and Mike Fraser.

The paper presents a power sharing concept called PowerShake. PowerShake enables users to share power across their multiple mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, using inductive power transfer. Today we are beginning to carry multiple mobile devices, though the energy is used at different rates across each of the devices, meaning one device could have near full battery and another almost no battery. PowerShake allows users to transfer energy, for example, from their tablet to their phone to support an important phone call. PowerShake also allows users to share or trade power with others, including friends, family and colleagues, on-the-go and all without charging cables.

Watch the PowerShake video for more information.


2303, 2016

Floating Charts presented at 3DUI

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BIG researcher Themis Omirou presented the paper ‘Floating Charts’ at the 3DUI conference in Greenville South Carolina. The conference was part of the IEEE Virtual Reality conference 2016 which hosted an array of interesting demos involving a variety of VR headsets and augmented reality headwear.