VideoHandles receives honorable mention at SUI 2014

YouTube: VideoHandles

Jarrod Knibbe, Sue Ann Seah and Mike Fraser presented their work on VideoHandles at SUI 2014 and received an honorable mention for best short paper.

VideoHandles is a novel interaction technique for searching through action-camera (e.g. GoPro) video collections. Action-cameras are designed to be mounted, switched on and then ignored as they record the entirety of the wearer’s chosen activity. This results in a large amount of footage that may only include a small number of interesting moments. When reviewing the footage later, these interesting moments are hard to locate.

VideoHandles presents a novel solution to this problem, enabling the wearer to search through the footage by replaying actions they performed during the initial capture. For example, a diver goes for a long dive and communicates with their buddy throughout using a series of hand gestures. On one occasion, the diver sees a puffer fish and gestures ‘puffer fish’ to their buddy (a fish swimming motion, followed by a mimicked inflation) so that they can see it too. Later, using VideoHandles, the diver repeats the puffer fish gesture in front of the camera in order to locate that exact moment in their footage. Alongside returning the puffer fish footage, VideoHandles also returns all other moments including the ‘fish swimming’ gesture – a key component of all fish gestures in scuba diving.

The VideoHandles work explored action-camera use across a large collection of footage and presented a number of interaction styles and usage scenarios, both enthusiast and professional, including biking, windsurfing and archaeological excavation.
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