BIG presentations at #CHI2012

This week sees the group present a range of exciting new work as papers at the ACM CHI2012 Conference, among which are a best paper award and two best paper nominations. Here are our activities listed according to the day they will appear at the conference (with BIG lab contributors names).

May 6th

  • Workshop: Interaction Design and Emotional Wellbeing (David Coyle)
  • Workshop Paper: Emotional Response as a Measure of Liveness in New Musical Instrument Performance, Position Paper for Workshop: “Exploring HCI’s Relationship with Liveness” (Mark Marshall, Pete Bennett, Mike Fraser and Sri Subramanian)

May 7th

  • Paper: Detecting Error-Related Negativity for Interaction Design (Chi Vi, Sriram Subramanian) *Best Paper Award

May 8th

  • Paper: Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Investigating Real-World Mappings for Foot-based Gestures (Teng Han, Will Judd and Sri Subramanian)
  • Paper: Engagement with Online Mental Health Interventions: An Exploratory Clinical Study of a Treatment for Depression (David Coyle)
  • Interactivity: MUSTARD: A Multi User See Through AR Display (Abhijit Karnik, Sri Subramanian)

May 9th

  • Paper: I did that! Measuring Users’ Experience of Agency in their own Actions (David Coyle) *Best Paper Nomination
  • Paper: Augmenting Spatial Skills with Mobile Devices (Doug Boari, Mike Fraser, Kirsten Cater)
  • Note: Ultra-Tangibles: Creating Movable Tangible Objects on Interactive Tables (Mark Marshall, Tom Carter and Sri Subramanian)

May 10th

  • Paper: MUSTARD: A Multi User See Through AR Display (Abhijit Karnik, Sriram Subramanian) *Best Paper Nomination


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